Monday, April 27, 2009

Second Year of CorreMania!

It was another 10KM in the city, so I thought. What was I thinking.....turns out it was almost 1 KM longer than a real 10KM, almost 7 miles. Members of the IDC Running Club were one of the many participants. There was a 1KM for kids, 5KM and a 10KM. The route actually tooks us by the United States Embassy. However, I did not feel very patriotic to salute my country's flag as I ran by it twice!

This is Jessica and her son Nate. This was Nate's first race ever and he finished the 5k in under 35 minutes with no training! He now has the "running" bug and I am sure he will be participating in future events.
On the route, there are photographers taking candid shots. This is Manolo and I looking all spiffy! This is Manolo's 3rd race with the IDC Running Club. He will be celebrating his one year anniversary of sobriety!! He credits God and his running to keep him focused on being clean. Gracias Dios!!!! He has quoted on Facebook..."just i want 2 write thanks God 4 have a nice and lovely family: IDC DA TEAM (Da Queen, Da Quencita,my Nan)....CHURCH....FAMILY....and friends. like u.... LOVE = GOD"
This is Manolo and I crossing the finish line....our time for almost 7 miles, up hill both ways......1:10!!!

We all had a great time and ended the day with a meal at Wendy's!!!!

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